» Social Media Bios That Attract Couples

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Social media profiles tend to give you limited space when it comes to writing your bio. Facebook gives you 255 characters for your “About” section and Instagram only gives you 150 characters. In order to spark couple’s curiosity and intrigue them to learn more, you need to make every character count. Here’s how:

Show personality!

The keyword in social media is social. Couples want to see that your business is operated by people – people who have personalities that they can relate to. If they can immediately get a sense of your style and personality, they will be more likely to like and trust you. Doing this will also help you attract ideal clients, rather than couples who don’t fit your style.

If you’re stuck on how to infuse your personality into your bio, here are a few ideas:

  • Use Emojis throughout your bio.
  • Use exclamation points to show enthusiasm!
  • Write how you would speak. Say it out loud and make sure it feels natural.
  • Include quirky phrases that you regularly use out loud when talking with clients.

Stop focusing on yourself…

Most businesses go straight for the traditional approach of creating a business-focused company bio. They explain what the business does. Sounds like it would make sense, right?

A business focused bio would sound something like this: Bella Photography offers engagement and wedding photography to couples in Florida.

That absolutely describes what Bella Photography does, which is great, but there are a lot of photographers out there who shoot weddings. How are Bella Photography services any different? How would hiring Bella Photography over someone else benefit a couple?

You need to differentiate yourself quickly so that you don’t lose the attention of a potential client when they come across your social media profile.

Focus on your clients

Instead of focusing on yourself you need a client-focused bio to stand out and immediately capture couples’ attention on social media. A client-focused company bio may sound like an oxymoron, but writing one can explain so much more about your brand than a business-focused bio. A customer-focused bio tells engaged couples why they need you and how you are going to help them.

Here’s how to write your bio in a client-focused manner:

  1. Acknowledge your clients. Talk about their wants and needs. What is the one thing that is important to them when hiring a wedding professional in your niche?
  2. Speak directly to your ideal client. You can do this by saying the word “you,” or simply by writing as if you were speaking out loud. How would you describe your company to a couple standing right in front of you?

With these things in mind, here’s how Bella Photography should rewrite their bio to be client-focused: We work with Florida couples on their wedding day to capture every happy moment – especially the candid ones – so they can look back on the photos and smile for years to come.

By shifting the focus away from the business and the services they offer, and instead focusing on the client and the outcomes of hiring them, Bella Photography now has a social media friendly bio that will stand out to couples who desire wedding photos of every moment and detail.

You can use these tips to tweak your company bio, update your social media profiles, and attract your ideal clients. Then, apply the same principles to a longer bio, which you can use on your WeddingWire profile and website. You’ll have inquiries coming in from ideal clients in no time!