» SEO Benefits of Being ‘Liked’

This post was written by Sonny Ganguly, CMO of WeddingWire, you can follow him on Twitter @sonnyg. A full version of this article is available in the Education Center. Sonny leads WeddingWire’s marketing strategy, customer acquisition, and business development.

Adding the ‘Like’ button to your website’s homepage can improve your search engine optimization (SEO). In the past year, Google, Yahoo! and Bing have updated their algorithms for how they rank websites. Where you rank is dependent on numerous factors, including the content on your site, the keywords you use and the number of other sites that link to you. What has changed is that search engines now count the amount of social activity on your site and one of the largest drivers of that is the facebook ‘Like’ button. The goal of a search engine is to provide the user with the best possible search results and they have found that a critical factor is including the number of ‘Likes’ a website gets into the equation.

So if you are on page one for specific keywords in Google, but your website does not have much social activity (shares on facebook, twitter, etc) then over time you may lose some ranking. On the other hand, if you are sitting on page two but people have been hitting the ‘Like’ button and sharing your website on social media sites, your rankings will get a boost. So adding the ‘Like’ button to your homepage not only will get people to visit your website from facebook, but it will also make sure you show up higher in search results! The ‘Like’ button will improve your SEO over time.