» Take It From the Pros: “Getting WeddingWired”

Before we get started – why are reviews important anyway?

“As soon as brides began telling me they were reading the reviews and using them to guide
them on who to call
, I knew we had to be there” – Silva Entertainment

“Reviews have helped me branch out of my local demographic into other more populated
areas” – Wisconsin’s Riniker Rhythm

“In my opinion, these types of reviews convey much more to a prospective client than
some random scanned thank-you notes posted on a company’s website” – The Music Place

Recently featured in an article called “Getting WeddingWired” in the DJ Times, many Wedding Pros shared their thoughts and tips on garnering the most success for their business. Getting reviews from past clients is one of the easiest and most rewarding action items, but what else can you do? We’ve broken down the some top things to do below.

Top 3 Ways to Go Above and Beyond

1. Use Social Media to Share Success – When you get a new rave review, tweet it. After a great event, be sure to post it on Facebook. The Music Place not only links directly to their Storefront from their website, they are also sure to “publicize each new review via social media to let our fans know that we continue to be at the top of our game.”

WeddingWire aims to make this easy for you by providing a simple to use Social Media Checklist for our upgraded Wedding Pros. Simply login to your account, click on the Social Media Checklist icon and click to share your exciting news on Facebook and Twitter.

EndorsementWidget2. Network with Pros You Know – Reviews from your past clients are great, but so are reviews from your fellow Wedding Pros. As one expressed, “In 2011, I’ve made a decision to seek the endorsement of wedding professionals such as photographers, banquet managers, wedding/event planners, and corporate clients.” Under the My Network tab of your account, you’ll see a page called Endorsements.

You can give and receive endorsements for other Pros that will then be listed on your Storefront for potential clients to see. This is another great way to take advantage of positive word of mouth. The My Endorsement Widget is an easy way to feature endorsements on your website or blog.

3. Educate Yourself
– Take advantage of our
monthly webinars on relevant industry topics for upgraded pros. Coming up this month, our CMO Sonny Ganguly will discuss “Big Business Ideas for Small Businesses.” You can learn how to efficiently and effectively reach your desired clients, how to stay on top of the business change in your market, ways to increase annual revenue, and much more. View this and past webinars in the Education Center of your account.

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