» Promote Yourself

It’s easy to forget when speaking with a new potential client to tell them all the great ways they can find more information and engage with your business. Here are five simple places to cross-promote your social media efforts and build a relationship with brides in a whole new way!

1. Your Blog – add commonly used Follow buttons to your blog so your readers can easily stumble upon your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

2. Your About Us Page – this just makes sense! The About Us Page is where people come to learn more about your company, link visitors to your social media so they get the full picture.

3. Your Email – its easy to add a signature to the bottom of your email with links to Facebook and Twitter. You’ll be surprised how many new fans and followers you get!

4. Other Social Media Accounts – if someone is already your Facebook fan, make it easy for them to follow you on Twitter or check out your blog, YouTube page, or WeddingWire Storefront. Just add a simple shortened link using our URL shorterner, Wedli.

5. Print Materials – whether its materials you give clients who come into your store or giveaways at a bridal show, make sure to include quick links to your Facebook, Twitter, blog, and any other social media. You could even use your custom QR code available within your WeddingWire account to make it easy for potential customers!

Click here for the full article to learn more. What has been the most successful way your business has cross promoted?