» Photo Editors: The Next Big Thing

This past week, Instagram pulled functionality from Twitter. What does this mean? Users can still post links to pictures, however, the actual photo will no longer show up in the Twitter feed. Instagram was purchased by Facebook earlier this year, so this has been an anticipated change as Twitter and Facebook are two of the top unique social networks.

Unsurprisingly, this week, Twitter announced that it would be releasing a new photo editing tool, with similar functionality to Instagram. The editing tool will allow users to post photos that they’ve enhanced and adjusted directly to Twitter. Android users already have access to the new app, and an app should be available for Apple users before the end of the month, so stay tuned!

Currently, Twitter is only offering 8 filters compared to Instagram’s 18. These both seem minor compared to the functionality of the new Snapseed, the new photo enhancing system provided by Google. This app allows for manipulation of smaller parts of the photos and for multiple enhancements on the same picture, all with simple taps, slides and pinches!

With all of these photo editors being released, we expect a lot of pictures to pop-up this holiday season. Photos are a great way to showcase your work and creativity, so be sure to participate!

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