» New Ability to Email Tweets!

Recently, Twitter announced a new function to be able to share tweets via email directly from Twitter’s website.

This new feature is being rolled out over the next few weeks, with the addition of a new “More” button below each tweet, in addition to the pre-exsisting “Expand, Reply, Retweet, and Favorite” buttons. When you select the “More” button, you will then see the option “Email Tweet.” Find an example below, and if your account does not have this new button, it will soon!

What does this mean? Now, if there is a tweet that you would like to share with friends or colleagues who are not yet on Twitter or you think they may miss, you can actually email them the tweet, including any images or links that are attached to the tweet. You’ll also be able to add comments to the tweets in your emails that will not be seen by the rest of your twitter community. So, if you see an interesting tweet with an informative article attached, or with a link to register to a Wedding industry event you are interested in, you can email it to yourself to view later or to a colleague to keep them in the loop!

The fact that Twitter added this “Email Tweet” button under a “More” category leads many users to believe that there will be added functionality coming soon to our Twitter accounts, and WeddingWireEDU will bring you the latest news and updates that may impact your business. Stay tuned!