» Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business

What does it take to make sure that your company really hits the ground running and has a successful season?  Whether you are a new business, or a seasoned business looking to expand, these tips from Mashable provide valuable insights into how to boost your business to the next level!

  • Focus on your Target Customer: Who is your target client? Instead of focusing on reaching anyone and everyone, consider your select target group of customers that will lead you to your short term goals and can help take your business to the next level. Do you have some openings in your calendar? Focus on how to find more niche clients or how to get your business known to more couples or people planning events. Have a packed calendar but need more income? Focus on raising select prices while remaining competitive.
  • Build Strategic Partnerships: Getting involved with a business that you know has a strong brand and will help you build the creditability of your business. Form strong relationships with other local and wedding professionals, and work together to serve as a reference to each other’s clients looking for a Pro in that service category. Consider joining a top Association or community group in your category as well for added benefits, exposure, and accreditation.
  • Engage in Community Outreach: You want to get your name out there, whether it is in local news papers, radio, or through an industry blog. Check out our tips for building a strong brand, and start pitching your business! Brand exposure and attendance at local networking and professional events will lead to your business being considered a key player in the industry.
  • Incentivize People to Share: It is important to get people talking about your product or service, so don’t be afraid to give a discount or some form or a perk for having them talk up your company or “like” your company on Facebook. Some options include a free consultation, added gift or select discount on your most popular product or service with the proof of a “like” or recommendation.
  • Leverage Social Media: Make sure to establish a relevant and engaging social media presence for your business. Couples are planning their weddings online, and spend hundreds of hours on social media. Be sure to post daily when you can, and share social media content that is relevant and consistent with your brand, service offering and target client. Favorite wedding and event inspiration, how to planning tips, favorite quotes, and your latest blog posts are great places to start.
  • Apply for and Share Your Business Awards: No matter what your product or service is, it is important to get the recognition for your stellar business when you can! Keep an eye out for relevant local awards, and aim for industry-wide awards such as the WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards and WeddingWire Rated (and show them off on your website, Storefront and at your business or local wedding shows to stand out!).

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