» It’s Official: Facebook Graph Search

Earlier this year, we let you know about the introductory announcement of Facebook Graph Search – a new way to navigate your connections and interests on the world’s largest social network.

On Monday, Facebook announced it has started rolling out the new Graph Search tool to U.S. users. Facebook’s new search engine lets you search your Facebook social graph for people, places, photos and interests. The ultimate goal is to establish Facebook as a powerful search tool and a resource to get useful information and connect with others.

Many experts think that Graph Search will have a huge impact on the future of personalized searchfueled by users sharing information about themselves and their interests, checking into locations, liking pages and more.

The tool is an exciting search launch for the social site where many people and businesses share their interests, business needs, feedback and more. However, it is still a work in progress from its original beta launch this January. For example, the tool is not yet live on mobile, and does not incorporate information from third-party apps, such as Instagram or Yelp, though they are owned by Facebook. Also, it is currently only live for U.S. users*. However, stay tuned for what is sure to be many more exciting updates to come with added exposure this year!

Ready to check it out? Learn more about this new feature, and opt-in to ‘Try Graph Search’ directly from Facebook, and check out this article about the new tool from The New York Times.

*Note that Facebook indicated all U.S. users should have it within the next few weeks if not yet available in your account.