» Introducing Instagram Web Profiles

Recently, we posted all about Instagram, an extremely popular photo-sharing application, which makes it easy to snap, filter and share photos with your social communities instantly and on-the-go!

Yesterday, Instagram launched a new web profile for the program, to go along with the applications currently available on iPhones, iPads and Androids. The new Instagram web profiles are very similar in design to the Facebook Timeline, including a cover photo, a small profile image, a short biography and basic information and statistics regarding your followers.  Your profile will also feature a selection of your recently shared photos for your followers to quickly and easily view.

The new web profiles are being gradually rolled out to all Instagram users, so if you do not have it yet—it is coming over the next few days! Check to see if you profile is available by typing instagram.com/username, and if you do not already have a free Instagram account, download the application from your smartphone or visit the Apple Store.

Check out an example of the new web profile, below!