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Instagram Tips and TricksAs your business continues into the busy season this summer, you’ll be out and about and away from the computer for a lot of your time. Social media is likely not a priority when you get back to your desk after a long day, but you don’t have to allocate alone time specifically for a network like Instagram!

Because Instagram is mostly a mobile social network, it’s easy to manage and post while you’re out of the office. It’s a great network for brands to post behind-the-scenes photos and videos, as well as product or service photos at events. If you’ve never used Instagram or you’re struggling to get started, use these Instagram tips and tricks to boost your account’s performance!

Spend time exploring

If you don’t use Instagram personally, spend some time exploring Instagram before you start using an account for your business. Like most social networks, the majority of users are individuals. Instagram is fairly informal, so pay attention to the way others are using it – how they use captions, what hashtags they use and any other trends you spot that would be good for your business’ use. The better you understand how individuals and brands are using Instagram, the better you’ll be able to reach potential clients and interact with them in a native way.

Use hashtags

Hashtags used to be only for Twitter, but not anymore! Hashtags are extremely popular on Instagram, as they’re used to explore certain topics and help accounts gain followers. Check out some of the photos in the Explore tab to see what hashtags people are using and if any of them are a good fit for your posts. It’s a good idea to use popular hashtags so that your account will be found by the people searching those hashtags, but you can also create a few branded hashtags of your own. Creating a hashtag with your business’ name or some other identifier can also help set your business apart and establish your branding within Instagram. Even if you forget to include a hashtag in your original caption, you can always comment on your own photo to include more.

Mix in photo and video

While Instagram was created to share photos, it has also expanded to include short video clips as well. Be sure to experiment with both and mix up the content you’re posting. Posting photos is easy as long as the image can be cropped into a square, and there are a number of filters and other photo effects you can use to give your posts a distinct look. You can create a video on Instagram using live video or a video already on your mobile device – or a mix of the two! Instagram will also allow you to pick the thumbnail that appears on Instagram for users to watch, and you can add filters to videos as well.  It doesn’t take a lot of time or work, so make sure you try both post types.

Try crowdsourcing

“Crowdsource” is just a fancy word for allowing contribution from others. This strategy is a bit more advanced simply because you’ll need a decent following on Instagram to get results, but it’s worth mentioning as a way to get users engaged with your account!  Ask your clients to send you a photo of them from their wedding or event – a photo with your product or showing off your service. You can then post on your business’ account! Similar to a review, this sort of post will show others how happy your clients are! You can also ask users to post photos using a certain hashtag, and then select some photos to repost on your account. There’s also the opportunity to make a contest out of it! There are a lot of ways to engage with your Instagram following (and beyond), but crowdsourcing is a great way to save yourself time while making your followers happy.

Return the favor

Don’t just post from your business’ Instagram account – you should also use it to like and comment on the photos and videos of others in your network! Follow users who follow you, and spend some time exploring to find other potential followers. If you’ve identified the right type of user to follow, following them will likely result in a follow back. The more you like and comment on posts in your stream, the more opportunities there are for followers of your followers to see your account and follow it. Interacting with others from within your business’ account will show that you’re active on Instagram and worth following.

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