» Inbound Marketing: an efficient way to market your business

With the current state of our economy, many companies are turning their efforts to Inbound Marketing because it is a more efficient way to market their business than traditional, Outbound Marketing.

Let’s take a look at the difference between the two types:

  • Outbound Marketing: Main goal is to find customers.
  • Inbound Marketing: Main goal is getting found by customers.
Outbound Marketing Inbound Marketing
Trade Shows Blogs
Telemarketing Facebook
Print Advertising Search Engine Optimization
Direct Mail Pay-Per-Click

So why are companies now using more Inbound Marketing tactics? Here are a few reasons I found:

  • It costs less. Inbound Marketing is all about creating good content and talking about it. This can be done by starting a blog, creating a Facebook fan page, posting videos on YouTube, or using Twitter. All of these examples are free and can draw a significant amount of attention.
  • Better targeting. With Inbound Marketing you can be more selective when choosing your audience instead of targeting the masses.
  • It’s an investment, not an ongoing expense. If you invest money in creating content that puts you in the high rank of Google’s organic results (which is free), you will be there until someone else displaces you.

With the New Year only weeks away, it might be helpful to take a look at your own marketing plan and see if you can incorporate any of these Inbound Marketing tactics!

For more details on Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing, check out this great blog post from HubSpot.