» How-to: Understand Facebook Insights

Facebook logoA lot of Pros focus on building your Facebook page, but there’s an important aspect beyond the exterior of your page. Analytics can be a foreign concept to a lot of people who own and run businesses, but they’re an important part of building and bettering your Facebook posts. You can see in-depth information about your top posts, demographics of your followers, and more. Here’s a quick how-to that will help you understand and utilize your analytics!

If you’ve never looked at your Facebook page Insights before, you’ll find them located at the top menu bar on your Facebook page. Only page administrators have access to these valuable insights, so visitors to your page will not see your page’s performance. Facebook Insights tracks and reports on a number of metrics and statistics – here’s a breakdown of what each metric means.


The Likes menu shows you, fittingly, how many likes your page has. It also gives you more in-depth statistics and also  allows you to pick a time period to analyze. The first section of the page has “start” and “end” fields, where you can adjust the time period you would like to measure. Once you select the dates you want, you’ll see the total likes and net likes your page has, and where your likes happened over  that time period.

Net Likes is a really useful tool for figuring out what gets more followers and what makes you lose followers. If you tried a new posting technique during the month of April, you can gauge exactly how effective it was. If you typically gain 20 followers per month but you gained 50 new followers in April, it’s likely that your strategy worked. But if you lost 7 followers and only gained 2, it might be time to try a new posting strategy. Hint: Our posts about using social media effectively and using images on social media would be a good start.

Where Your Page Likes Happened is a tool that gives even more insight into how people liked the page. If Facebook suggested your page on someone’s profile and they liked it because of the suggestion, this chart will show you how many likes that generated. You can also see if someone visited your page, enjoyed what they saw, and then followed through and liked the page. And that’s always a good thing!

Facebook Insights: Likes


The Reach menu shows the engagement that visitors have with your site. Within the Reach menu, you’ll see information about your post reach, likes, comments, and shares on your posts, negative feedback on your posts, and your page’s total reach. The Post Reach section shows how many people really saw your posts. You may have 256 likes, but because of the new News Feed Algorithm, only 130 people may see your posts. This section gives a great idea of how many people you’re really reaching. The Total Reach section at the bottom is the number of people that saw any of your page activity – whether they like your page or not.

The Likes, Comments, and Shares tool gives a great summary of how many people engaged with your posts, and it’s easy to use that information to help you reach more people. Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes is a negative feedback tool that helps you gauge the success of certain strategies or posting methods over a certain period of time. If you started posting a lot more text and fewer pictures and see a spike in visitors that hide the posts, it’s an indication that text-heavy posts aren’t the best way to reach people.

Facebook Insights: Reach


This section is fairly self-explanatory, but we’ll give you an overview in case it’s still a little confusing! Page and Tab Visits shows the number of visitors who click on each tab of your page. Your main page is your Timeline, but you also have Photos and About page tabs that contain your business’ photos and contact information. This graph sums up how many people look at your Photos versus your Timeline or About tabs all in one place.

The External Referrers section shows you how people find your page, which can be vital information to growing your views and your business. If people find your page from your website or a Google search, you’ll see it on your External Referrers chart. Using this tool is great for seeing how important it is to put links to your social networks on your website  – getting everyone who views your website to also view your Facebook page is a great way to grow your business.

Facebook Insights: Visits


Want to know what time people are looking at your page so you know the best time to post? The Posts menu is the best tool to use. Scroll along the chart and you’ll be able to see how many of your fans are online at the given time. This gives you a great idea of when to post and when to expect the most engagement from visitors. You can then also see a quick roundup of your posts and the engagement with them.

Facebook Insights: Posts


The People menu is insight into who likes your page, which enables you to better reach them. You can see gender, age, country, and primary language of people who like your site, which seems very basic but can make a huge difference in how you post and market your business. You can see those same statistics for People Reached and People Engaged, which can give you a great idea of who likes your posts the most.

Facebook Insights: People

Facebook Insights has a ton of great information that you can use to better your Facebook page and grow your business, so knowing how to use it is key. If you have any more questions about the Insights feature, feel free to leave them in the comments section!