» How to Boost Your Social Media with Images

Social media is an extremely important part of your wedding business. While you may be posting statuses about your business to build brand awareness, a recent study shows that posting images may be the best way to take advantage of social media.

This summer, amp up your social media game by using more images! Below are a few things to take into consideration as you begin to leverage more images:

How to Boost Your Social Media with ImagesUse images to convey positive emotions. Did you know that posts with images are four times more likely to convey positive emotions than posts with just text? This means that when one of your customers sees that you posted an image, they are more likely to think positively about you. Images also allow more positive engagement with your customers – it’s much harder to complain about a photo than it is to complain about text.

Know where and how best to post an image. When posting an image to one of your social networks, think about your audience on that network.. A recent study revealed that Instagram posts have 58 times more engagement than a Facebook post and 120 times more engagement than a tweet, so Instagram could be your best bet. Remember, though, that since most updates on Facebook and Twitter are text, an image may help your brand stand out a bit more. Consider where you’re posting and how your audience usually interacts with your updates.

Post the right type of photos. Make sure you’re posting an image that aligns with your brand. All your posts should work with your business’ marketing strategy, so think about how your post fits within that strategy. Make sure the image is custom to your brand, engaging, informative, and energetic. Remember to only use images which you have the right to use, whether you buy stock photos, use photos with Creative Commons licenses or create the images yourself. Though it may not seem like it, every image on the Internet is someone’s property, so always give credit when using something you didn’t create yourself!

If you have a great Instagram or image on social media feel free to share them with us by tagging @WeddingWireEDU! We would love to see your creativity.

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