» The Inside Scoop on #Hashtags

With the recent launch of #Hashtags on Facebook, questions have started to arise such as, “What are hashtags?” and “Why should we use them on Facebook?” from Facebook users, and Pros like you!

Let’s get started with some #hashtag basics!

What’s a Hashtag?

A hashtag is word or phrase prefixed with the symbol ‘#.’  By adding a # before a certain word or phrase, makes this phrase a click-able link in your status update on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, or post on Google+.

According to Facebook, by having #hashtags in a posted status, Facebook users will be able to connect with others who are talking about the same thing, just by clicking on the hashtag. A popular hashtag may be “#wedding” or a big topic in the news, or event industry. This is an example of yet another way that Facebook is improving the future of personalized search, along with the recent Graph Search announcement!

Here are some Pro tips to remember when using #hashtags in your next Facebook status:

  • Make them short for relevancy and optimized for search-ability, such as #marketing or #weddings
  • Stay away from long phrases such as #SpringWeddingsAreTheBest, very few people will be searching for such a long and specific hashtag
  • Consider sharing the Facebook URL for a hashtag so that followers can join you in the conversation
  • Hashtags are a great way to market and events, services or products so consider using them when announcing your attendance at an upcoming bridal show or networking event
  • Make sure your hashtags are words people would actually search for so you get found
  • A hashtag can be used anywhere in a sentence, not just at the beginning or end
  • Don’t overload your status with too many hashtags, one or two is best
  • Use only relevant #Hastags, if the hashtag does not fit it will not make sense to your audience

To learn more about the recent addition of Facebook #Hashtags, check out our post on the topic! #HappyHashtagging!