» Got News? How to Share It

Engaged couples take many things into account when searching for their perfect wedding vendor. An important consideration is the amount of buzz generated around your business. When your business receives an award, when you are mentioned in a local magazine or news article, it is important to share it! Here’s a few ways to generate buzz outside of your website and blog:

Submit a Press Release

A great way to keep audiences up-to-date is writing a press release, which is easier than it sounds. Positive PR can be a great tool in building a positive reputation about your product or services. Press releases should be short in nature, typically around 600 characters or less, and highlight news about your business, whether launching a new product or receiving an award. In addition, you should always include the pertinent details about your business (website, tagline, etc.).

We recommend submitting your press release on WebWire, which distributes press releases to both online readers and media outlets and also helps with Search Engine Inclusion and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For some examples of past WeddingWire press releases, visit the WeddingWire Press Center.

Use Social Media

Posting messages on Facebook and Twitter is another great way to generate positive buzz about your business. Encouraging your Facebook fans to “like” your post will automatically repost it to their Facebook friends, thereby boosting your word of mouth. This also occurs when followers re-tweet your message on Twitter. Not only will potential clients be impressed by your accolades, but you will be helping to improve your SEO by updating your online accounts and generating more links.

Showcase In Person

If you have a physical location where clients can visit, make sure to display any trophies or certificates of these accolades in a prominent area where they are sure to be noticed. Don’t forget to bring these to bridal shows as well!

All of these ways of generating buzz take just a few minutes, but can make a big impact on your business. Beyond updating news on your website and creating a blog post, take the extra time to write a press release, share the news on social media, and display your awards at your shop or bridal shows.