» Google+ Tips to Effectively Use Circles

Google+ now has 135 million active users (and over 400 million registered users), and is a continuously growing social media site. However, many people and businesses do not know how to effectively post and share on Google+.

Previously, we covered the key features on Google+ for your business, but wanted to explore in more depth Google+’s tips to effectively be active on this network through Circles. Circles are the people and businesses that you connect with. From friends, to co-workers, to clients and business contacts, you can customize your circles for the different elements of your world, and share different information with each group.

As you are building your Google+ account and circles, be sure to follow WeddingWireEDU!

Google+ Circle Tips:

Find Friends: Connect an email account to find everyone in your address book who are already using Google+ and if you’re looking for someone in particular, you can search for them by name.

Create Circles: Create Circles that apply to different aspects of your life and job, based on the content you would share with these groups. For example, create simple “Family,” “Co-workers,” “Clients,” and “Industry Experts” circles where you can follow different people and businesses that apply to each, and post and share with specific groups. When posting, you can make your posts public and share with all your contacts, or you can opt to select certain circles, and your post will only be visible to those in the circles you select.

Tagging: You can tag friends or businesses in a Google+ post by simply adding the “@” or “+” before their username. So, if you wanted to mention WeddingWireEDU in a status or share a blog post from our blog, you would type either “@WeddingWireEDU” or “+WeddingWireEDU” and it would be linked through a tag.

Comment: Join in on a conversation on Google+ by commenting on a status post. Simply select the “Add a comment” box at the bottom of the post, and share your thoughts! Your comment will be visible to all those who can already see the post. This is a great way to reach new contacts and grow your followers and circles. You are able to edit or delete any comments made, if you so choose.

To learn more about Google+ Circles including how to videos, check out this overview from Google. Don’t have a Google+ account? Sign up today!