» Google+ for Your Business

Google decided to join the social network arena, and launched its own social platform, Google+ in June 2011. The network saw immediate success with 10 billion users sharing over 1 billion pieces of content each day within its first three weeks, but since the launch, Google+ has not seen as strong growth as other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Currently, there are 400 million registered users on Google+, and about 100 million are active on a monthly basis. While Google+ may not have the daily sharing level of some of the other major social networking sites, it has a lot of potential with its connection to personalized search and some unique features that could be beneficial to your business. If you have not already done so, consider signing up, and review Google+ basics below!

Google+ Key Information:

Profile – Includes key info about yourself such as a description, profile photo, and other details. You can edit your Google privacy settings to determine what information shows on this page, and who in your circles can see certain information and updates.

Circles – Allows you to control who sees your content. You can drag and drop people into different groups such as “Family” or “Business.” You can create as many circles as you like for different elements of your world, and simply share information like a Google Map, YouTube video or document in your circles.

Photos – Upload as many photos as you would like and easily share with others, as you see fit with customization and private albums.

Events– Create events and share with guests you would like to invite easily. Choose from a selection of invitations, and store everyone’s photos in one past, post-event for review.

Hangouts – Similar to the traditional video chat, Hangouts allows multiple users to chat live and face-to-face. The view automatically switches to the person currently speaking into their microphone. This is a great place to host a virtual meeting with clients, and share google docs.

Mobile – Google+ is accessible on-the-go! Share photos, chat through video and post to your circles from your smartphone.

Local- Browse places and read and share reviews from people you know!

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