» Facebook Update: Shared Albums

Facebook announced another new feature this week – Shared Albums. This allows multiple users to upload images to the same album, letting others add to your photo conversation. Previously, only users could upload photos to the albums they created.

Now, the album creator can share access to as many as 50 “contributors,” who can each in turn share up to 200 photos. Album creators can choose a setting that allows contributors to invite others to the album, or retain total control over album invitations. Additionally, there are a few privacy settings to share the photos: public, friends of contributors and contributors only, which still provides some control over who can see the photos posted by the contributors.

Why is this exciting?

Shared albums are a great way for groups to connect on the world’s largest social network in new ways – and we think will be particularly relevant in the wedding and event industry.

Now, users can create a shared album of their wedding or recent event that they hosted or attended, tag users and businesses, and allow others to gain access as well to expand the content – and expand the reach to new audiences (additional contributors online community!). This means increase opportunity to expand your marketing reach across Facebook when you work a great wedding or event!

How to create a shared album:

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Go to an album you’ve created
  3. Click ‘Make Shared Album’ in the top left corner
  4. Choose contributors and select an audience
  5. Click ‘Save’

Contributors will be able to view, add photos and add contributors to the album. It may also appear on their timeline.

Learn more about this new feature from Mashable!

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