» Facebook Update: Embedded Posts

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it will be rolling out Embedded Posts. This means that you will be able to click on a link in whatever you publish, get a code, and embed that content elsewhere on the web – just like you can already do with other popular social sites and apps such as YouTube, Twitter, Vine and Instagram.

According to Facebook, “Embedded Posts let people add public posts from Facebook to their blog or web site. When embedded, posts can include pictures, videos, hashtags and other content. People can also like and share the post directly from the embed.”

For example, the official British Monarchy Page published this post shortly after the royal baby was born. You can click the #RoyalBabyBoy hashtag directly from the embedded post to discover similar content on Facebook:


Currently this feature is not available to the majority of Facebook’s users and brand pages, but in the coming weeks, this feature will be expanded, and eventually available to all users.

This feature is another example of how Facebook is moving in the direction to act as a web resource and a search engine in functionality – connecting users with content they find engaging, relevant and useful. This new update goes along with other recent additions that are aiming to make Facebook’s content more accessible outside of your ‘Facebook friends’ and ‘likes,’ including Graph Search, hashtags and more.

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