» Facebook Profiles vs. Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Profiles vs. Facebook Business PagesWhen Facebook first began to gain popularity with businesses, organizations and companies in addition to individuals, there weren’t many professional options. As a result, many business owners created personal accounts for their businesses which allowed them to “friend” their customers and grow a following that way. These accounts functioned for a while, but Facebook quickly realized that there was a growing need for a different type of access for entities.

Then Facebook Business Pages were created, and Facebook began offering different products to businesses because they have different needs than individuals. Whether you created a personal profile for your business because there were no other options at the time or you just don’t want to make the change, it’s time to switch to a business page! This tool will better serve your business’ needs, and there are a lot of benefits to having a business page rather than a personal profile.

Here are a few reasons why your business should make the switch from a personal profile to a business page (if you haven’t already), or why you should get started with a Facebook business page today if you don’t have one:


Even with constant changes to Facebook’s look and feel, it’s easy to tell the difference between a personal profile and a business page and business pages look more professional.  Also, since “friends” have access to each other’s profiles, you may be preventing potential customers from creating a relationship with your business because they may not want to share all of their personal information with you, or may be unable to search for your business by a personal name.

Multiple users

Using a business page for your business means that you can add multiple users with different levels of permissions. You don’t have to sign in and out or share your password with other employees who need access; you can just add them as administrators and they’ll be able to access from their own accounts. Facebook also added a new feature that allows only admins to see who posted on behalf of the page, so you’ll always know who posted what should anything go awry.


Facebook Insights alone are quite possibly reason enough to switch from a personal profile to a business page! These insights give tons of data on how your page is performing, which posts are the most popular and even demographics of your audience. Insights help you understand your follower base and, more importantly, allows you to much more accurately measure the success and failure of your page.

Friend Limits

Facebook personal profiles are limited to just 5,000 friends. While that may seem like a large or even unattainable number, it’s not! You are seriously limiting your page’s potential in the long run by placing this limit on your potential audience. Especially since those in the wedding industry generally have one-time customers, your audience on Facebook has the potential to grow very quickly, so don’t wait until you hit that limit to do something about it.


And last but not least: Facebook advertising. Your business’ personal profile is limited to reaching only those who are “friends” with your account, while using a business page gives you access to advertising that can reach both your audience as well as friends of those in your audience. There are several ad types to meet a variety of needs, and you don’t have to have a high budget to start running a few ads to see what kind of traction your business will receive. Plus, you’ll be able to see exactly how your ad is doing with access to advertising metrics for each campaign and ad you create.

For more benefits of using a Facebook business page rather than a personal profile, check out the Facebook for Business landing page with more solutions and case studies. And, if you’re ready to make the switch from a Facebook profile to a Facebook Business Page, use these instructions to convert your account (and you’ll get to keep all your friends and followers!).

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