» Facebook “Open Graph” is a Game Changer

facebook_logo2There’s been a lot of buzz recently about Facebook’s new “Open Graph” API, which gives third-party websites access to Facebook users’ data.  With the new changes, any website that integrates the Open Graph API will have instant access to Facebook users’ friend lists and preferences, like their favorite movies, foods, what groups they are a part of and more. This is a huge step for social media, and the web in general, as any website can now basically become its own mini-Facebook.

By leveraging Facebook data, third-party websites can now personalize the experience of their users based on almost any data that is posted on Facebook. Websites can now also contribute to Facebook through the use of a “Like” button- meaning a user can click a “Like” button on your website, and the data will show up on Facebook.  Since this change, sites like IMDb have seen traffic more than double after adding “Like” buttons to their site, while the Washington Post’s traffic has increased 290%.

Facebook is now more important than ever, and its influence is only going to grow as more websites incorporate its data into their sites. So what can you do about it?

  • If you don’t have a Facebook fan page, create one! A Facebook Page is a great free way to showcase your business, share news and gain valuable information about your customers straight from Facebook.
  • Start adding Facebook “Like” buttons to your website. This will increase the number of people who “Like” your business on Facebook and increase your online exposure, as when someone clicks the “Like” button on your website, the information is shared with their friends on Facebook. In addition, people who visit your site can see which of their friends also “Like” something on your site, making them more likely to take action. For more information on adding a “Like” button to your website, check out this great Mashable article.

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