» Facebook Ad Targeting Tips

Facebook advertisements are a way to capture the attention of select users on the world’s largest social network. With 1 billion users, it is very important that your ads are segmented, and targeted specifically for your business’ select audience.

Luckily, Facebook offers powerful ad targeting options for business pages, which can effectively connect your business with potential new clients.

You are able to select what targeting options that you would like to include for your business’ ad. It is recommended that you select a more targeted audience versus a broader audience, as it allows for your business to reach the best matches for potential clients.

Here is a basic overview of the top targeting criteria you may want to consider for your Facebook ad:

  • Age: Select an age group that you are targeting, ranging from 13-65 years old.
  • Gender: Advertise to women only, men only, or everyone based on your messaging.
  • Interests and Categories: Interests allows advertisers to target Facebook users that have listed a specific interest on their Timeline, or are pulled from their Facebook profile activities, interests, job titles, education, pages they have liked and groups they belong to. Categories are compiled by Facebook by examining a user’s actions through clicks, shares and postings.
  • Connections, and Friends of Connections: The connections option allows Facebook ads to be targeted according to the relationship a user has with a Facebook page, and can reach similar audiences to grow a fan base by targeting friends of current connections.
  • Location (Country, State, City, Zipcode): Localize your ad through geographic targeting to narrow your audience, and only reach those in the area your business serves.
  • Relationship Status: Target Facebook users that are married, single, engaged, or in a relationship.

For example, a Wedding Planner in Washington, DC may want to target: women, aged 25-30, who are friends of connections, located in Washington, DC, and who are currently engaged.

Since Facebook ads are small, they should clearly and simply represent your business, and drive action to your business website, WeddingWire Storefront or Facebook business page, where users can easily learn more about your business, read reviews and contact you for a consultation.

Visit Facebook to learn more about targeting options, how to get started creating an ad and more.