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Do you have a Digg account? If so, add me as a friend (megcolek) so I can follow what you Digg! If not, I highly recommend that you join (it’s free!).

Digg is a great place to discover and share content from around the Web, from the smallest blog entries to major news sources.  All articles are submitted and voted on by individuals like you!

With your account you can:

  • Submit and share content you create (press releases, blog entries, papers, etc.)
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  • Personalize your Digg account
  • Follow what your friends are Digging

It’s also easy to Digg (i.e. submit) content.  Just locate and click the Digg icon ( Digg ) on the post or article you are reading and easily submit the link. You can find the Digg icon at the bottom of this post!

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