» Can you Digg It?

Digg.comSuch a simple phrase with such possibilities. When was the last time you submitted any news or a webpage to Digg.com? For those not familiar, Digg is one of the largest social media sites consisting solely of user generated content. Using Digg can be a great way to create new links to your website (links are a big piece of the search engine optimization game). If you have a blog, Digg your blog content with social bookmarks (like at the beginning or end of the post) and be sure to add a description about the submission. However, do NOT copy the first few lines of your article into the description. Duplicate content is not advised.

Additionally, your visitors can also Digg your posts right on your blog using Digg Tools if you’re feeling fancy (or want your webmaster to do it).

Remember, content is still most important so be sure to give your visitors something to Digg.

Try Digg by selecting the button below this link that matches the “Digg Guy” in this post.