» Connect With Your Fans: Facebook Questions

You may have noticed a small change from Facebook recently. They have added the capability to survey your social network by creating open answer and multiple choice questions. Facebook Questions help Page Owners interact with their audience in a way that hasn’t been possible before. The best part is, you can post a question and those who want to answer can do so quickly and easily while you wont bother or aggravate those who don’t want to answer.

When creating a question you can select if you’d like respondents to have a few options or write-in their own. This new feature will help you engage and interact with your audience as well as gauge their feedback in a way that was previously unavailable. Additionally, when a Facebook user responds their answer will be posted on their own wall so that they will help you to spread the word about your page. Not only are you harvesting a relationship with your current consumers, you are branching out to create new ones. Facebook also makes it easy for you to monitor your response with built-in, real-time metrics.

Since the feature is relatively new, there will be some trial and error associated but it is clear that the new questions feature will allow you to start a conversation with your clients and a fun new way. Click here to learn more.

Have you tried asking any questions yet? What kind of response did you get?