» Build Your Twitter Community

In order to maximize on what Twitter has to offer, it’s important to build your community. To do this you have to start by figuring out what your objective is. Do you want to keep your followers up-to-date on your business? Do you want to share dialogue with followers, maybe potential clients? Do you want to stay ahead of the social media curve? Whatever your objective is, it is important to determine it first and then dive right in!

I found a great list of 10 tips to guide you in establishing your community. Here is a quick summary:

  • DO – create a user-friendly ID. Your Twitter ID is part of your personal brand, so use your name or business name. If neither of these are available, blend them or stay as close to them as you can (ex: MegWW). Also, the shorter the name the better!
  • DO – search for people. It’s complete normal and accepted to follow people you don’t know (a huge part of what Twitter is all about). So search for people in the wedding industry or even people from an industry you don’t know much about! Try Twitter Search or Twellow to find people to follow.

  • DO – learn the lingo. This is essential to really understanding Twitter (like learning text message lingo – omg, np, bfn, etc.). Check out some of the Twitter lingo.
  • DO – follow @ replies to you. Conversations happen quickly once you build your community, so stay on top of those commenting on your tweets by using Twitter Search or setting up a Google Alert.
  • DO – add your Twitter ID to all of your email signatures. A simple “Follow me on Twitter: (Enter Twitter link with Twitter ID name)” will work!
  • DO – say something! Be active, no matter if it is “good morning!” Put yourself out there and participate in conversations.
  • DO – read up on those who follow you. It’s good to know your audience, especially when you are looking for conversation starters.
  • DO – promote others. The more good you put out there, the more you receive (think karma). So promote others and soon the tables could turn and people could start promoting you. A win-win.
  • DO – learn etiquette. Learn when you should reply “@” or send DM (direct message).
  • DO – follow the big players. No…it’s not a popularity contest, but you can learn some great things from some of the top players. Here are some of the top.

I definitely recommend you check out Sarah Evan’s full post for more details, but hope the quick summary helped!

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