» All About Instagram

Instagram is a photo-sharing app that can be downloaded for iPhones, iPad and Android devices, and is self described as “a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos” by easily snapping a photo on your smartphone, choosing a filter to transform its look and feel, and then posting to Instagram and therefore sharing with your internal social community.

Instagram has taken the mobile application world by storm over the past year! This quickly growing two year old app has over 80 million users, and was acquired by Facebook this year for $1 billion dollars.

With it’s user-friendly platform, you don’t even have to be very tech-savvy to take, edit and share photos. After you use Instagram, it is easy to share your photos through your social media and networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr—which is a great way to connect with your audiences and show them what you have been up to, and show off your latest work and most recent events!

Check out some interesting recent Instagram statistics based on new data from The Social Habit study by Edson Research and Instagram’s reporting:

  • Over 4 billion+ photos have been uploaded to Instagram
  • 5 million+ photos are uploaded per day
  • There are 575 photo likes, and 81 comments per second
  • Of those who have an Instrgram profile, 61 percent have used it in the past 24 hours, an adoption level only surpassed by Facebook at 84 percent, and in comparison to Twitter  at 55 percent, Google+ at 44 percent, and Pinterest at 52 percent
  • Of those who have an Instagram profile, 83 percent use it at work, surpassing even Facebook and YouTube
  • 67 percent of Instagram’s users are younger than 34 years old

Don’t miss out! If you haven’t already created an Instagram account, easily sign up in minutes (for free!) by downloading it on your smartphone or visiting the Apple Store.