» An Advanced Guide to Using Google+

An Advanced Guide to Using Google+If you use Google+ personally or professionally, you know that there are many benefits to setting up a profile for your business. One of the most common reasons for using Google+ is to reap the SEO benefits of your links being indexed and listed faster, but that’s just one facet of the social network. There are a number of advanced strategies for using Google+ which you can employ to better your page!

In addition to the basics of using Google+ we wrote about a few weeks ago, there are also a number of bonus features and elements you can take advantage of for your Google+ page, including:

Authorship: If you personally write a lot of content for or about your wedding business, consider setting up a personal Google+ account (if you haven’t already) and linking that account with the website or blog where you publish your content. This method, known as Google Authorship, allows you to optimize your personal branding so that all the content you write can be aggregated on your Google+ profile. Your name will show up beneath the title of the article automatically, which is great exposure. Just make sure your personal Google+ account lists your business as a place of work, and you and your business will benefit. Learn more about Google Authorship and how to link accounts here.

Google Analytics: If you use Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic, you can connect it with your Google+ page to better understand your Google+ page followers and how they relate to your website visitors. This connection adds another layer to your business’ online and social activity and allows you to deepen your knowledge about how clients and potential clients interact with your business. Find step-by-step instructions for optimizing this integration from Google Developers.

Google My Business: Google’s latest small business offering, My Business, integrates all of Google’s products to help you manage your online presence. The My Business dashboard shows you up-to-date business information on Google, Google+ engagement and audience demographics and information from Google products like Maps, Analytics, YouTube or AdWords. If you use Google for a number of business purposes, look into making it easier to track with Google My Business!

Google+ Ripples: Google’s data visualization graph, Ripples, enables users to see how your posts or URLs on Google+ “ripple” through your network. Ripples is a great tool to see how your audience is interacting with your content, and it’s interactive so you can adjust how to view the data. It’s also updated in real time, so that you’re able to see right away how your posts are stacking up. Be aware, though, that not all share data is likely to show up – Ripples uses only public data, so anyone with more strict privacy settings will not be included in the tally. To learn more about Google+ Ripples, read through the Google+ Ripples support page.

These more advanced strategies will help you grow your business’ presence on Google+ and help you get more out of your existing page.

Have you had success with a Google+ page for your wedding business? What strategies does your business employ? Let us know in the comments!