» 7 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence

This time of year is very busy for wedding professionals, so social media might be the last thing on your mind. Consider, though, the importance of social media for search engine optimization as well as the opportunity to reach even more couples. As search engines like Google become more focused on fresh, quality content, they’ve begun to acknowledge that your brand’s website is not the only place where you have a presence online.

Whether you’d like your business to improve its search engine rankings or want to build more connections on your existing social networks, our eight ways to improve your social media presence will help you reach more couples and potentially book more weddings!

1.  Do your research

Don’t feel like you have to have a presence on all social networks. Some networks might not be a good fit for your business based on your service category and the audience available on each. Do your research to find out which network or network is the most valuable for your business! This article from CNN Money is a great resource for learning who is on each network and which strategies will help your business reach that audience.

2.  Complete all your profiles

This sounds like a no-brainer, but if you start a new social property for your business, make sure to complete your profile or page! Just like you wouldn’t create a website and leave it blank or lacking important details about your business, you shouldn’t create a social network without checking off the basics. Upload a profile photo or cover photo where applicable, and fill out the “About” section with (at the very least) your business’ website, email address and/or phone number, and a bit of information about your business so new followers know who you are.3.  Add links to everything

When you’ve established a presence on whichever social networks you choose, make sure people know they’re there! Add social links to your Storefront and business website so anyone who ends up there knows exactly how to find you on the network of their choice. List your social networks in the footer of your emails or in your email signature. Add the icons for each social network to you business cards so clients know you have an account. Any little bit helps to establish your online presence!

4.  Make everything easy to share

In addition to links and icons to your social networks on your business’ online properties and offline marketing materials, you can also configure “share” links – the links that take users to a network and include pre-set messaging. You can find an example of this on our WeddingWire World landing page – we’ve included Facebook and Twitter share in the top right corner, making it easy for people to share that they’re going to the event! Each network has documentation for achieving this; see how Facebook does it here.

5.  Be consistent

When you decide to start using social media for your business, be consistent. Update your page and post content on a regular basis so potential followers can see that your page is not only active but useful! If you have multiple employees posting on behalf of your business, you should also keep your business’ tone consistent. Come up with a few messaging guidelines so everyone who has access to your accounts knows what’s OK to post and what’s off limits.

6.  Post better content

Here’s quite possibly the most important point in this post – create content for these pages that is relevant for your audience. Of course it’s great to share your website or blog posts and talk about your business, but make sure that you also share some thought-provoking articles to get your audience’s attention and get them talking. Your social networks shouldn’t be about you, they should be about your followers and what is most beneficial for them. Posting great content will show potential customers that you understand their needs and are a good candidate for meeting those needs!

7.  Always respond

Social media should be social! Unlike other marketing channels, social media fosters two-way communication between brands and their consumers. Take advantage of this two-way communication by responding to comments and posts from your followers. When they’re positive, thank them for the post and keep the conversation going. When they’re negative, be professional in your response and make sure it’s timely so you stop the situation from escalating. Social media is an important part of customer service in today’s world, so always respond to posts from others. Not to mention other followers will see your responses and know that you’re doing a good job of monitoring your page.

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