» 7 Tips for Improving Your Website’s Readability

Thinking about creating your own website or blog for your business?  Take a look at these simple tips that can help you make sure your readers are able to find the most critical information on your site as quickly and easy as possible.

1.  Keep it simple.  Internet readers in the digital age tend to look for keywords, skip around the page,  and have lower attention spans than in the past.  Be straightforward with your content, don’t include excess information, and avoid long paragraphs and sentences.

2.  Use More Headings  to Separate Content.  Studies have shown internet readers also read in blocks, and will try to focus in on exactly what the reader is looking for.  They will often skip over words and search the pages in an “F-shaped pattern”.  Start by outlining what you would like to cover on your page to determine when it is necessary to insert short, concise headlines.

3.  Make Your Site Easy to Scan.  Design the layout of your site by taking into account your readers will often skim your site.  The inverted pyramid writing style demonstrates where to place your most important information in your content so the reader sees it first.

4.  Take Advantage of Bullets and Text Formatting.  Using bullets and text formatting, such as bold or italicized text, can attract readers attention and help highlight the most important information.

5.  Spacing is Critical.  The spacing between words, lines, and paragraphs can have a huge impact on how legible your content is on the screen.  Review the spacing of your site after applying your content and make any changes as needed.

6.  Make your Links User Friendly.  Hyperlinks are one of the many benefits of online content, and using them properly can improve the readability of your site.  Set your hyperlinks to let readers know which links they’ve already clicked on and provide more context to your links so the readers know exactly what to expect when they click on the link.

7.  Get the Most of Out your Images.  A picture really is worth a thousand words!  Photos and images can improve readability when they replace large amounts of text but still contain important information.  But be sure your images are providing value to your page and not just decorative, as readers tend to ignore those images.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll find your web readers will have a much easier time finding the most relevant information on your site.  Click here to read more about improving your website’s readability!