» 6 Ways to Boost Your Success on Social Media

Tips for achieving more on social mediaRunning your wedding business is a full time job, and it may seem like taking on additional responsibilities would be too much to handle. But with all the talk about social media and other online tactics, it’s important to fully understand how social media marketing contributes to the overall success of your business.

Having a presence on the top social networks is not enough to maximize the effect social media has on your business. Below are six easy ways your business can boost your success on social media and start seeing an impact on your marketing goals!

Always read what you post

If you’re posting a link to an article or website, make sure you read it in its entirety before sharing with your audience. While it may seem innocuous (especially if it’s coming from a reputable source), it’s still imperative that you make sure you agree with all the points and suggestions made. When you post something on behalf of your business, it reflects on your business. Make sure what you’re posting is something that you feel represents your brand.

Balance your post types

Do you ever get tired of seeing the same old posts over and over from the accounts you follow? Your clients do, too. If you’re constantly posting links back to your website, try something new! Post a photo of a recent event, or a link to an article you have a particular point of view on that would be of interest to your audience. Ask questions or take polls to find out how your followers feel about new trends or styles you’ve been seeing. You can also work your personality into your social presence with a few personal posts – just remember to keep your tone professional.

Proofread your posts

Proofreading is so important, and not just for blog posts! Your social posts and tweets need a second glance, as well. Read it a second (and even third!) time and think about how you could improve your post or add to it. Look out for grammatical mistakes and typos as these are easy to make when posting from a smartphone or in a hurry. Double-check any tags or mentions you include to ensure you’re tagging the right people. You’ll be surprised by all the little tweaks you end up making!

Provide support for customers who reach out

One of the biggest trends businesses should be aware of is the tendency of unsatisfied customers reaching out publicly through social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. If a customer can’t find your email address or simply wants immediate satisfaction, they’re likely to reach out to your business on their social network of choice. Create a plan to provide support for customers through social media so that when someone posts, you know who should respond, what to say, and how to resolve the issue.

Stop worrying about your follower count

No matter what social network you favor, don’t stress out about reaching a certain number of fans or followers. The quantity isn’t the important factor – it’s the quality of your following. If you want to set an internal goal for your business to reach a certain number, that’s fine to do. But remember that your business reaching the right people at the right time is the goal of your social media presence, so focus on reaching your clients, peers, and prospective clients and forget the number.

Analyze your performance

The most important point in this post? Tracking your performance. Your efforts will be wasted if you don’t track your actions against your results to see what’s working to encourage the most clicks, likes, comments, or shares. You might find that your audience responds best to a certain topic or post type, and you can optimize your page performance by posting more of what your audience wants. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn all offer their own analytics – review these at least once a month to keep track of your progress.

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