» 6 Tips on Tagging Videos on YouTube

Tagging your YouTube videos with the appropriate keywords is an important part of ensuring you will get viewers, and get the right viewers to your content. Here are 6 quick tips to keep in mind as you upload your videos:

1. Use It or Lose It – the tags are there for a reason, make sure you use as many relevant keywords to drive traffic to your videos

2. Put Yourself in the Viewers Shoes – thinking like someone searching for a video on YouTube, what would you want them to search for to get to your video? Make sure to tag those keywords and phrases

3. Quotes Can Help – using quotes in searches allow you to group words and get more specific search results, the same goes for tagging. For example, you might tag wedding and dresses separately but make sure to also tag “wedding dresses” in quotes. Then anyone searching specifically for wedding dresses, not just dresses and not just weddings, will be directed to your video.

4. Check Auto Complete – YouTube and Google have incorporated auto complete into their search bar. Type some of your keywords in to get an idea of other potential keywords to use.

5. Be Honest – tag only keywords and phrases that actually describe your video. Don’t try to cheat the system by tagging other searches you think might be more popular. Remember you want quality views, and Google will figure out if your video is misleading if you have a lot of viewers jump off or a low rating. It’s not worth it.

6. Revisit Old Tags – periodically look back at your old videos and give them a quick face-lift. Videos from a year or even a few months ago may have outdated tags, make sure to adapt your tags with the times.

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