» 5 of the Most Shareable Blog Post Types

	5 of the Most Shareable Blog Post TypesComing up with ideas for blog posts can be time consuming, especially when you get stuck in a rut of posting the same types of articles all the time. Adding more variety to your post types will not only make writing easier, it will also pique the interest of your readers by providing a new format. If you’re not sure how else you can format your business’ content, we’ve got some great data to share.

NewsCred, along with Fractl and BuzzStream, recently analyzed 220,000 articles from 11 verticals over six months to determine what content resonates best on social media and when to post for maximum impact. We’ve broken down their data below to provide you with the most shareable blog post types!

1.  List Posts

Study results: 22.45% of total shares

Best months for sharing: June, September, October

List blog posts offer a number of points on a particular topic that support a general conclusion. List posts have become very popular due to popular news sites like Buzzfeed, which publishes a number of list posts each day. List posts, like infographics, are easier to read and understand because of their simple formatting. Think about the various options a couple has when booking your business and list them, or provide a list of ideas for each season.

2.  ‘Why’ Posts

Study results: 22.32% of total shares

Best months for sharing: September, October, November

‘Why’ posts provide readers with a reason or purpose and provide details that support a given conclusion. These posts serve to convince your readers that your conclusion is the right conclusion! Here’s your chance to really persuade your audience on your own viewpoints. For some wedding professionals this type of post could be a piece on why engaged couples need a Pro in your service category, and why they should book your wedding business.

3.  Video Posts

Study results: 18.94% of total shares

Best months for sharing: September, October, November

Videos provide your audience with a dynamic visual of the topic based on the article. Though videos can be created separately from a blog post or article, incorporating them into your content gives your readers an alternative to reading if they’re short on time or prefer visual learning. There are a number of other reasons you should be creating more video, so look into how you can leverage video on your website, blog and social networks.

4.  How-to Posts:

Study results: 18.42% of total shares

Best months for sharing: August, October, November

How-to posts establish that a problem exists, offer a solution and discuss each step the reader can take to reach the desired end result. Because how-to posts are so tactical, they’re very popular for readers who are looking for instructions on a very specific topic. Think about the things your clients need to know before meeting with you for the first time, or how you can help them prepare for the big day.

5.  ‘What’ Posts

Study results: 17.88% of total shares

Best months for sharing: August, October, November

‘What’ posts provide further information on a certain topic and include links to many articles to help readers make comparisons. These types of posts are purely informational and allow the reader to draw their own conclusions based on the information presented. ‘What’ posts typically require a bit more research to ensure that all the appropriate resources are provided. Think about the common questions you hear from clients and provide more information to help them make decisions.

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