» 3 Quick Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Pins

3 Quick Ways to Improve Your Pinterest PinsThere’s a lot of buzz in the business world about using Pinterest, and there’s even more specifically in the wedding industry. Many businesses are reaping the rewards of a social network that links back directly to their website or Storefront, and it’s easy to see why!

For Wedding Pros, Pinterest is a great place to connect with engaged couples. Many couples planning their weddings use Pinterest to guide their inspiration, and when businesses use it properly, it can even lead to new clients. If you’ve been using Pinterest for a while and haven’t seen success yet, we are here to help.

In addition to clicks back to your website, Pinterest is a great tool because users “repin” to their own boards, thereby making your photos more viral. In order to get those repins and clicks, though, you should optimize your pins to make them the most shareable. Here are a few quick ways your business can improve your Pinterest pins and make your account more engaging!

1. Think about shape

When you pin an image, think about how your pin will show up in a users’ Pinterest feed. Is it square, horizontal or vertical? The best-performing pins have been identified as vertical pins because of the way Pinterest displays them. Pins are organized vertically in the home feed and on boards – they’re stacked on top of each other. The most eye-catching and successful pins are vertical and extend down the page. This formatting is even more important on mobile, where many couples scroll down on their smartphone. If you want your products or services to be repinned and clicked often, try to pin more vertical images.

2. Write longer descriptions

While it may seem like the image you’re pinning is the most important part of the process, that’s not all that matters! The photo will capture your audience’s interest, but the pin’s description is almost as important as the image. Many pins have short descriptions that don’t provide any value to the image. Your aim shouldn’t be to max out the character limit, but the descriptions you write for your pins should be more useful to the person pinning it.

3. Write better descriptions

Don’t forget your pin descriptions should not only be longer, they should also be more detailed. Descriptions should help explain the usefulness of the pin or why it is something a user might consider for their own wedding. And lest you forget, your descriptions and the keywords you use are what helps your pins show up in search results! Try making your descriptions more aspirational; for example, a florist may pin an image of one of their bouquets and explain which flowers were used and describe how the flowers go well with different color themes. It may take a few more moments of brain power, but a better description helps users understand the image and encourages them to repin!

Remember: Pinterest isn’t the best choice for every business. If you’ve been at it a while and even these tips don’t help, you may want to consider putting more of your time and effort into other social networks like Facebook or Twitter! Your social media strategy should be a living, breathing thing, so make adjustments where necessary.

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