» 2 Ways to Jazz Up Your Online Documents

I read many articles each week on new things in social media and the rest of the Web 2.0 world, but I’ve come across two new companies that make presenting your online documents so much more professional.

The first is called Issuu.com.  This company lets you upload a PDF document and it will turn it into a Flash version of the document to link or embed on your website.  Here’s an example from Practical Photography magazine using it to put the magazine online. As a wedding vendor, I can envision you using this to show off your portfolio or even as a new way to manage your sales documents online.  This small, embedable version opens up to a full version by clicking on it.

The second is Flowgram. This company allows you to create online presentations that incorporate images, powerpoint, and even live webpages. Additionally, you can narrate your presentation by recording audio and music. You can place your online gallery of photos (even if it’s on flickr already) on your website, but with Flowgram, you can narrate it. You can literally tell prospective clients how you designed this piece or what the newlywed couple was doing here or your inspiration for something else. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Flowgram lets you put a few of those words with your image. Here’s an another embedable example: