» What Are AdWords & How Can They Work for You?

Per a recent discussion on the WeddingWire Pro Forum, we thought we would provide some background information and resources to get you started if you aren’t familiar with Google’s AdWords. Let us know about your experience and feel free to discuss or get advice from fellow Wedding Pros in the forum!

Simply put, Google AdWords are customizable advertisements you can purchase based on keywords related to your business. You have the flexibility of choosing your keywords, advertisement messaging, and budget. Unlike some tools where you may have a hard time tracking if it’s really working for your business, you can easily view and track your success (or lack thereof). As Google celebrates 10 years of this service, many companies have seen success with AdWords however your results will obviously vary based on the keywords and advertising campaign you choose.

You can’t expect to see leads to start flying in as soon as you turn these on though, you will need to play with what works and what doesn’t and devote some time and effort to be successful. Google tries to facilitate this with an AdWords Small Business Center which features discussion forums, a blog, and help center.

Nijiama from Le Fabuleux Events posted to the forum:

“I have been using adwords for about a year and it has become a main source of our inquiries. I think it is all about how much you are willing to spend each month (the more you spend the more your ads will show) and the key words that you use. I also pay close attention to the analytics to see what is working and what it is not working.”

For a more visual explanation, watch the short video from Google below: