» SEO Success: Top Tips & What to Avoid

Building strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for your business’ online exposure. To make the sometimes daunting topic of SEO easier to understand, we provide a variety of educational resources about this topic. Check our tips for how to establish a strong SEO presence in our Education Center and WeddingWireEDU blog, SEO basics and Pro tips in our Be an SEO Superstar webinar, an infographic that provides 6 steps for SEO Success, and finally, get started with our tool to create stronger SEO for your business in minutes with our WeddingWire Search Engine Optimizer.

We know that SEO can sometimes be hard to grasp, and that there is so much information available about SEO it may be difficult to know what you should, and should not, be doing for your business. This recent article from Entrepreneur provides valuable insights on SEO strategies that can hurt your business, so you can focus on what will help, provided in our resources listed above!

According to the article, find below 5 common SEO practices you should avoid:

  • Buying links from websites created to sell links: Oftentimes, if you invest your dollars into a site dedicated only to sales and buying website links, they will not share your links on relevant sites that would value your content and actually reach your target audiences. Google may even de-index your site through affiliation of these sites and services.
  • Publishing irrelevant content: When publishing content for your business on your website, Storefront, blog, social media and more, it is important that it is relevant for your audience! Write, share and provide content that is helpful and engaging for your clients, potential clients and industry. Google places a high value on the user experience and rewards your site for doing so. The more irrelevant content (and includes things such as pop up ads for unrelated items) will ultimately hurt your SEO over time.
  • Spam comments: No one likes spam, yet some business owners decide to pay services to spam sites around the internet with comments that include a link back to their website. These can often be posted on blogs or similar platforms, and provide a negative user experience for those who click. Overall, your brand can be damaged when customers or potential customers see those links associated with spammy, poorly written comments. Additionally, it is important to remember you are representing your business when you post or comment at any time, so be sure to be professional, insightful and covey your business in a positive light.
  • Overloading on anchor text links: An anchor text link is a specific keyword or phrase in the text on your site that is hyperlinking to a website URL (for example: if you are a photographer it could be “wedding photography”).  Be sure to select relevant and the most important links for your business, not just any link that may represent your business. Always opt for quality over quantity. We make this super easy and do the work for you with the Search Engine Optimizer tool!

Search Engine Optimization across top search networks is very important for your business, and we hope these tips and resources will help establish strong and reliable SEO!