» How SEO and Social Media Work Together

How SEO and Social Media Work TogetherSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex process that involves many moving parts. Our Search Engine Optimizer helps you to optimize your Storefront for search engines by researching keywords and incorporating them into your website and Storefront, but that’s just part of the battle for top placement.

In recent years, Google has also gotten better at weeding out those websites that are chocked full of popular (unrelated) keywords or those that use plug-ins and other technologies in an attempt to trick Google into giving them higher placement. As a result, more legitimate businesses are gaining back their deserved SEO traction.

How does SEO work? Google’s algorithms take many elements into account when evaluating your website. Yes, keywords are important, but what many businesses might not realize is that social engagement is a key factor in how search engines determine your search placement!

As search engines like Google become more focused on fresh, quality content, they’ve begun to acknowledge that your brand’s website is not the only place where you have a presence online. Your business likely has a presence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and now search engines are placing an increasing amount of importance on how your social conversations influence your brand.

Check out our suggestions below to determine how your brand can make SEO and social media work together!

Start conversations on your business’ Facebook page.

Stimulate engagement with your Facebook fans by posting interesting content often. You can ask questions, provide information or even just post information that is relevant to your brand, like photos from your last event or service. Think of your Facebook page as a community, where you interact with your fans. This will help you to start conversations with your audience and boost your online reputation.

Boost your Twitter activity.

Search engines are looking for your Twitter account’s activity, not just your number of tweets. Your tweets should be written in a way that encourages clicks, retweets, favorites and mentions. Search engines are looking for indications that your brand deserves a high ranking; other users interacting with your tweets shows that your brand has a lot of social clout.

Be more active on Pinterest

We preach on the importance of photos for your Storefront and website and how they can convey your brand and show off your experience, but make sure you put those images on Pinterest as well! Pinning your own images and repinning other images of interest helps your brand’s reputation in the “eyes” of search engines. And, whenever you pin from your website or Storefront, you’ll add to your link building.

Get a Google+ business page.

Google+ is often the most under-used social network we see in the wedding industry. While you may be slow to adopt it, Google+ has a number of benefits for your business. As Google+ is a Google product, it factors very highly in the search engine’s rankings. As Google+ becomes more integrated with other Google products such as YouTube, the conversations you have on this network will start boosting your brand’s online credibility.

Upload your most shareable videos to YouTube.

Though creating videos can be more time-consuming than most other social media tactics (although it doesn’t have to be!), it can definitely be worthwhile in terms of your brand’s virality. Videos are likely to be shared on other networks, which means you’ll see some cross-network activity as a bonus. And remember to reply to YouTube comments to keep the conversation going! If you want to make it as possibly for engaged couples to find your business, try these social media engagement tips to help your SEO and social media work together in 2014!