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Brian Lawrence, Sell the BrideThis post was written by Brian Lawrence, one of the industry’s foremost authorities on marketing in the wedding industry. Brian has consulted with many wedding professionals and wholesale suppliers at www.brianlawrence.com. Brian also owns Local Traffic Builder, a nationally-known web design, marketing and social media firm serving the wedding and event industry. He is the author of “The Wedding Expert’s Guide to Sales and Marketing” and “The Invitation Business Report” and has helped thousands of industry professionals with his marketing insights through personal consultation, books, seminars, blogs and articles, and speaking engagements at leading industry conferences.

Creating your SEO strategy can feel utterly overwhelming. Sure, hiring an expert could make things a lot easier, but then you would want someone who knows the industry, understands exactly what will work for your website, and whose services fit within your budget. How DIY and SEO Can Live Happily Ever AfterWhy can’t SEO be DIY? Does it really need to be so difficult? As it turns out, SEO could be DIY once you understand a few key elements. Here are the oh-so-easy-to-do secrets of a happy DIY SEO relationship which, if you implement, will leave you feeling empowered and knowledgeable!

Beauty sleep, aka NAPtime Make sure your business contact information is consistent anywhere it’s visible. At a minimum, your contact information should include your business name, address, and phone number – or NAP, abbreviated. That means that the NAP information on your website, Storefront and Facebook business page should all be exactly alike.

Be yourself, but don’t be full of yourself Be unique when it comes to your SEO DIY blending. On your website’s homepage, include information that explains exactly what your business does, in three hundred words or more. Do share where you are, what specifically you do, and some relevant keywords. However, do not overload your website with so many keywords that you sound like a wedding industry dictionary. Known as keyword stuffing, this method is a huge turnoff to search engines that are savvy to this kind of jargon. Be wary of your skeletons Yes, your website has them, known as your title tags and meta descriptions. Created in the backend of your website, title tags are the bold font that shows up in search results, and meta descriptions are the smaller snippets of descriptions of text that show up underneath the title tag. Make sure these are solid, as this is what search engine crawlers read to produce in search results. A stellar title tag describes the page, has a quality keyword, and a geographical location (if relevant). A strong meta description includes a unique description of the page with an alluring call-to-action.

Stand out among your (business) friends Even if you have a perfectly optimized website that uses all the right terms, your site will not get much attention if other sites are not linking to it. Look for sites that can showcase your business.  Examples might be a real wedding feature, or Preferred Vendor lists. The idea here is to create authoritative, quality back links to your site from other sites that have strong traffic and are wedding relevant. Search Engines love those.

Let other people rave about you online If you haven’t already done so, claim listings on platforms like Google Places and Yelp in addition to your listing on WeddingWire. This will help you monitor your business’ reputation throughout the web. People listen to the opinions of other people, not just search engines. Take charge and know where you stand, and don’t neglect requesting reviews from clients you know were totally satisfied to show-off to search engines.

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