» Do You Pinterest? Optimize Your Pins

Pinterest has been spreading the nation like wildfire, allowing users to ‘pin’ photos and inspiration of their favorite recipes, clothing, hair, designs, and more! Many brides (and hopeful-brides) have been using Pinterest as a new way to organize inspiration for their weddings!

Take advantage of this new social vertical to spread photos and links from your website and blog. It is important to keep a few SEO (Search Engine Optimization) considerations in mind. Here are three areas to make sure you are optimizing your photos on Pinterest for SEO:

Description – When you set up your profile, consider including some of your relavent keywords and details in your Pinterest description, make sure to include your category (i.e. Photographer, Florist, DJ) and the word “weddings” if this is your primary business! This way, when potential clients are searching (on Google or Pinterest) you can increase your chances of showing up as a result.

Boards – Choose the title of your ‘Pin Boards’ carefully! This is another area to include keywords, consider doing so both in the title and description of the boards where you organize your types of photos.

Images – Ensure you are using the proper direct links to the photo from your website or blog so that you get the added benefits when your photos go viral and those who share your images are properly directed back to your site.

Enhance your SEO by sharing images from your website and optimizing your Pinterest profile to ensure more brides can find your business. For more details, watch the video below: