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Top Business Tracking TipsWebinar Recap!

In late March, we held our monthly webinar for premium members, all about tracking your business analytics online! WeddingWire CMO, Sonny Ganguly hosted the webinar and shared his insights into the importance of analytics, and the best resources for business tracking online.

Analytics plays an important role in measuring your business’ success and online impact – but don’t let the numbers scare you! Check out the six key sources you should be measuring, below!

  • Traffic: The best way to track your business website traffic is through Google Analytics. Review your site’s basic metrics and overall page traffic as well as your key driving sources in one place with this tool.
  • SEO: A key to standing out in search is to use the best keywords for your business. Do a bit of research to determine interest in search terms using Google Trends to get started.
  • Social: Take advantage of the analytics on top social networking sites to see what types of posts perform best, keep an eye on your follower growth and track overall activity. Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, and Pinterest web analytics are all great resources for your business on leading social sites. 
  • Email: Use a simple email platform to send your emails and track your engagement. Test different designs, content material and communication style to see what resonates best with your audience to better your communication to your clients and potential clients in future sends. It is always great to test!
  • Website: Resources are available to track clicks on your website, like crazyegg. This tool shows what content interests your visitors most to help you better understand your visitors and their activity on a visual click map.
  • Conversions: It is important to know if your contact form is working for you. Determine your conversion rate by dividing the number of visitors to your contact page (in Google Analytics) by the number of contact forms completed on your site.

For more education on analytics and additional details, watch the webinar today!

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