» Bing: The Decision Engine

binglogo_5f00_lgYou may have heard the buzz surrounding Microsoft’s recently launched search engine, Bing.  Bing is the long-awaited site which many are already calling a worthy competitor to Google, the search engine phenomenon.   Developers refer to Bing as a ‘decision engine,’ rather than a ‘search engine.’ Why? Because Bing is intended to help you make better decisions rather than to simply provide you with a wealth of information which may or may not answer to your needs.

What is Bing?

Bing is essentially a search engine.  It was created and recently launched by Microsoft in order to compete with Google. Here are some of the main features of Bing developed to help improve the user search engine experience:

  • Explorer Pane: A pane on the left-hand side where you can not only see your results organized in categories but also related searches.
  • Related Searches: A section that produces more organized and relevant results, as compared to the way Google currently showcases them.
  • Users have the ability to preview site content on search results, so you don’t click on sites you don’t need.
  • Preview a video without clicking on it simply by holding your mouse over it.
  • Track and store your previous searches in your search history, which is accessible in the explorer pane.

Advanced Features

There are some features that go beyond what you would expect from an upgraded version of a search engine, which include:

  • Video Search:  You have the option to filter in the explorer pane by length, screen size, resolution and source.
  • Image Search:  Instead of flipping though pages of images, you can scroll to find the image you prefer.
  • Shopping Search:  Results can be sorted by price, brand, category and you can see reviews of items and even get cash back on certain purchases from bing.com.
  • Instant Answers:
    • Get automatic calculations when entering in math calculations.
    • Access your flight status simply by typing in a flight number and even  access price trends for flights to determine when you should purchase.
    • Get direct stock information by entering the company name or stock symbol and either “stock” or “quote” in the search box

Bing vs. Google

Google has been working on some new adjustments recently to combat any competition that Microsoft has created with launch of Bing. Google Squared, a product still in creation, is a different way Google searches for information throughout the internet in order to understand content better and provide results that are more effective for users.  Google Base is also a product that may affect the future of searching online, allowing users to add content that, once deemed relevant by Google, will appear in a web search.

The Future of Bing

The sustainability of the recent popularity and growth of Bing as a choice for online search is still to be determined.  It is important, however, to monitor the success of Bing, as it might be an outlet to consider for your future marketing efforts.

A final fun fact: The home page background showcases a different photograph each day with little bits of trivia information and links relating to the photo.  Very appealing to the eye.


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