» Enhance Your Client Relationships

In the wedding industry, your work revolves around your clients! From the first meeting to the post-event follow up, making sure that you and your clients have a positive and trusting relationship is key to growing your business and establishing your reputation.

Follow these top 5 tips to developing strong relationships with your engaged couples, and stand out as a top rated Wedding Pro!

1. Listen

One of the most important elements of any relationship – from personal to professional— is to openly communicate. While you are sharing information about your business, from what makes your company unique, to pricing and event logistics, it is also important to ask your engaged couples questions, and really listen to their responses. What type of ceremony do they envision? What is their “story”? What budget do they have to work with?

By truly listening and getting to know the couple from your initial meeting forward, you will stand out among the competition and make a strong connection. Once you book the couple as clients, keep listening to their needs and questions! This will ensure they are happy with your business and that after the event they will recommend you to their friends.

2. Get to know their personality

When a Wedding Pro really gets to know their clients, it shows in their work! Ask the personal questions about how they envision their special day, and what you can do to make their dreams a reality. Not only will they appreciate that you care to make their day as special and unique as possible, but you and your business will gain their respect, which can lead to more new business along with stellar reviews and referrals!

3. Be open with mutual expectations

It is important to make expectations clear from the start to ensure that both your business and your clients are clear on what service you will be providing. If you think that you may not be a good fit for this particular couple or have any reservations, make that clear early on. For any specific details and expectations, it is always best to get everything in writing, so no one is unclear of deliverables and logistics, at any point!

4. Be timely

Respond to all requests in as timely of a manner as possible, from the initial meeting to the last minute emails leading up to their big day. If you are busy and unable to answer their questions right away, send a quick note letting them know when you will be able to be in touch. Try to respond in some way within 48 hours to let the couple know you received their request and it is important to you.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Reviews are crucial to building your reputation, and gaining more business! After every positive event, don’t be afraid to ask for a review. Most of the time, your clients are willing to share their experience working with your company. Aim to get 10 or more reviews and your WeddingWire Storefront will dramatically increase in traffic, and lead to more awards, meetings and clients!