» Collect Reviews to Stand Out for Engagement Season!

Collect Reviews to Stand Out for Engagement Season!On your website and WeddingWire Storefront you have a ton of space to describe how excellent you are at what you do, but what others have to say about you is becoming more and more important for engaged couples. Today, 95% of engaged couples use online reviews to select their vendors, meaning that it’s more important than ever to pay attention to what your customers are saying!

Reviews, ratings and referrals all play an important role in your ability to get more business. A client sharing his or her positive feedback with other couples searching for their wedding professionals online is very valuable for your online reputation, and so you should make collecting reviews a high priority.

Check out some of the reasons why reviews are important:

  • Create consumer trust with reviews. Consumers are typically less trustful of messages coming directly from a business than they are of messages from peers – 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations! Build trust with your potential customers by showcasing the great things others have to say about you.
  • Show off consistency in work with more reviews. Seeing that other couples are all saying the same good things about you helps other couples to know what they’re getting into by hiring you! They’ll be more likely to choose you over a company with mixed or negative reviews.
  • Increase your number of inquiries with reviews. The more great reviews you have, the more likely you are to be chosen by engaged couples. In fact, average Storefront traffic increases 106% for wedding professionals with 11-20 reviews!
  • Make purchase decisions easier for engaged couples by giving them all the information they need in one place. Engaged couples already using WeddingWire can search for your business and find examples of your work, an explanation of your services, your contact information and your reviews all in one place! This makes it easier for them to make decisions since they don’t have to search multiple sites to find out about you.
  • Easily monitor and manage your online reputation. You’ll be notified every time you receive a review, so it’s easy to monitor what everyone is saying. Remember to thank all your reviewers for taking the time to share their opinions! Even if you receive a less-than-positive review, leaving a constructive and friendly reply will show others that you stand behind your service!

Why should you start collecting reviews right now? Engagement season is almost here! Engagement season is from November to January, and over 40% of couples get engaged during this time period! Since engaged couples rely heavily on reviews and trust feedback from past clients, now is the time to get those reviews and stand out from the competition when they start to search for their perfect Pros.

Let Us Help!

The WeddingWire Review Collector makes requesting, following up, and getting reviews simple. You can upload your clients’ email addresses and use our pre-formatted templates or a craft personalized message to send your past clients a polite request to review your services. Take advantage of collecting feedback from all the events you worked so hard for all spring and summer! Need some review tips? Check out our recent webinar, Best Practices to Stand Out with Reviews.

Get rewarded for your number of reviews throughout the year with our new WeddingWire Rated program! WeddingWire Rated recognizes wedding professionals across the U.S. and abroad for commitment to providing quality service. You can continuously earn new badges based on your number of reviews to show off your great services, so challenge yourself to get to the next level before engagement season! Learn more here.


Did you know you can collect reviews for your non-wedding events as well? Start to ask for reviews on EventWire to show off your other events and build your reputation in the events industry.