» 10 ways to make the most of your customer reviews

newlywed reviews, customer testimonialsOn Monday I wrote about our Rated Program logo being updated and encouraging you to grab it for your website and blog, but I came across this article on copyblogger about making the most of your testimonials that I thought provided great tips to using them effectively in your marketing efforts.  We all know customer testimonials are vital in our marketing, but how many of you have thought about how best to use them?

The 10 ways consist of:

  1. Select testimonials from customers similar to your prospects.
  2. Select testimonials that give specifics.
  3. Edit carefully and lightly.
  4. Group testimonials for greater impact.
  5. Use many short quotes instead of a few long ones.
  6. Don’t be afraid of long testimonials.
  7. Include full names, titles, and locations when possible.
  8. Feature photographs (maybe).
  9. Enclose each testimonial in quotation marks.
  10. Use a powerful headline to introduce testimonials.

The article contains more detailed information on each bullet point.  So if you’ve got testimonials, or reviews on WeddingWire, be sure to make them work for you.  You’ve done great work in the past, now show prospective clients how you make their dream wedding happen.

Have you done something unique or different with your testimonials?  Leave a comment to share the community.