» Mobile Marketing for Wedding Professionals

Mobile Marketing for Wedding ProfessionalsWith all the components of digital marketing to keep track of, mobile marketing may not be a high priority. Much of the research and articles written about mobile marketing suggest that your business create a fully responsive website, send SMS messages or create a mobile app.

OK, so your wedding business probably won’t be creating its own mobile app, but that doesn’t mean you can’t optimize your marketing efforts for mobile devices! Mobile marketing for wedding professionals is a whole different ball game, and with your limited time to dedicate to mobile marketing strategy you might feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry! There are a number of small things you can do that will have a big impact on your business’ ability to reach couples wherever they’re spending their time.

Below are the areas you should focus on mobilizing for your business so every couple who interacts with your business in some way gets the best experience, no matter the device!

Mobile website: Before you protest that you don’t have enough time to create a mobile website, read further! You don’t have to have a separate mobile website for your business; the key here is to ensure that your existing website functions well on a mobile device. Use your phone to check out your website on your smartphone. Is the text too small to read easily? Do you have trouble clicking on individual links? Do you have to zoom in and out with your fingers to navigate through the site? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you have some optimizing to do! WeddingWire offers our Mobile Website Creator to premium Pros, which simply requires you to paste a quick bit of code to your website and voila! You’re done and have a mobile-friendly site. Some website providers, like WordPress, also provide similar plugins that may be worth checking out.

Mobile-friendly email: Email marketing can be a very useful tool for many Wedding Pros, but unfortunately many of the beautiful emails you design don’t look so beautiful on mobile. Luckily for you, most email marketing platforms now offer desktop and mobile versions of their own templates, or they offer responsive designs that work on all devices. Unluckily for you, there are still a number of considerations you should still be aware of even if you have separate versions of your emails. You should be prepared to examine your versions and make adjustments where necessary. Remember that big buttons are easier to click than smaller text links, and keep your content as short as you can in your mobile versions. It’s difficult to read a lot of text on a mobile device without breaking it up with other design elements, so bear that in mind as you make adjustments and always review your emails on both desktop and mobile before sending. 

Mobile listings: If you’re spending your advertising dollars on a local listing in an online directory, make sure your listing is mobile-friendly! Pull up your listing on your mobile device and test it out as if you were an engaged couple. Make sure to test out any contact forms and see how easy or difficult it is to look through your photos and/or reviews. The same rules for mobile websites and mobile-friendly emails apply: big text, easy-to-click links and no zooming in and zooming out. The entire WeddingWire site is functional on mobile, but we also offer our WedTeam app that provides a dedicated environment for couples to search for wedding professionals on their smartphones or tablets. We know you’re covered on WeddingWire, but be sure to check any of your other listings to ensure any potential client has a great experience!

Social media presence: You might think social media has nothing to do with mobile marketing for wedding professionals, but it matters a lot more than you might think. Statista reports that 65% of time spent on social networks happened on mobile in 2013, and that number is sure to continue to rise in 2014. Today’s engaged couples are constantly on their smartphones, and much of that time is spent on social media. Having an active presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest will help your business reach couples even when they might not be actively seeking a wedding professional at that moment. The more you can make your business visible, the better the chance that they’ll remember you and book you as their perfect Pro.

By taking some time to evaluate your business’ marketing strategy and dedicating a bit of time to focus on improving your mobile experience from website to email, online listings and social media, you will see a positive impact and create a better user experience for your mobile audience!