» What is Neuro-Marketing? Why We Do What We Do Part I

This post was written by Jim Jubelirer, the owner of ActionCOACH Business Coaching, which helps business owners increase their business performance and personal satisfaction. For more information about ActionCOACH, click here.

Neuroscience is the study of the brain and how it controls our behavior. Neuro-marketing is the application of neuroscientific research to marketing and advertising messages. Neuro-marketing uses brainwave, eye-tracking and skin conductance measurements to create a deeper insight into shopper behavior.

Companies like Coke and GM spend billions of dollars each year to market their products and they want to know whether their ads are effective. Nielsen, the audience measurement firm, combines neuroscience with experience in consumer research and purchase decision-making. According to Nielsen, up to 90% of purchasing decisions are made sub-consciously. Often, the customer then spends time and energy finding ways to rationalize or explain their purchase. These post-purchase rationalizations may not be very accurate if the customer is unaware of their own sub-conscious drivers.

Our brain processes 11 billion bits of sensory information per second, yet we consciously remember only 100 bits of information per second. We have developed two important coping skills to process
this information gap:

• We spend less time trying to understand something if it is complicated or difficult, and
• We focus on novelty, looking for the degree to whether something is new and/or memorable.