» March “Fourth” and Meet Your Mobile Goals

March “Fourth” and Meet Your Mobile GoalsIt’s the calm before the storm for many wedding and event professionals; engagement season is over, and the big rush for many couples to book their Wedding Pros has died down a bit. With about 33% of weddings happening in the spring, you’re about to get really busy really soon!

Take advantage of this lull in your schedule to get in the spirit of March fourth – the only day of the year which is also a command. Use today as motivation to get organized for the busy season by checking some items off your business’ list. What’s one important step? Mobile!

Mobile marketing should be part of your overall marketing strategy, but depending on your business, your goals may be different. Since your mobile strategy depends on your mobile goals, be sure to decide what you want before you begin.

March forth to meet these mobile goals for small businesses:

Meeting Customer Expectations

If you want to meet the barest of customer expectations you need to be able to be found and used on mobile. Today’s couples are always on their phones, and many people may do some wedding planning research when they have a few spare moments. They’ll be able to find you easily with WeddingWire’s new WedTeam app, but if they want more information they’ll continue on to your website. Make sure you have a mobile website so they can easily scroll through it on their smartphones, and make it easy for them to contact you with big buttons and concise copy. Our Mobile Website Creator will help your business get started and lets you have control over your mobile site’s design elements.

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Increase Brand Awareness

If you want to increase awareness of your brand, you should have a presence on social media in addition to your mobile website. Young engaged couples are constantly checking their social networks on their mobile devices, so it’s important that you reach them where they’re already spending time. In fact, 60% or so of social media time is now spent on smartphones and tablets! You can easily build brand awareness on networks like popular networks Facebook, Twitter or Instagram through the use of high-quality photos and videos, and they’ll associate your brand with the industry hashtags you use (like #wedding, #WeddingPlanning, #RealWeddings, etc.) and follow to see more from you.

Reach New Customers

If you’re trying to reach new customers, the WedTeam app and a mobile website will both help you, but you may want to take it a step further. If the couple starts their research by first conducting a search via search engine, you can reach them first with search advertising. With WeddingWire’s search engine optimization for your Storefront, your area’s listings will be shown, but Google’s ads and local listings will always appear first. If you have it in your marketing budget, try Google ads to put your business above all the organic search results. If you’re on the smaller side and don’t have a lot of budget, try Google Places for Business, which will allow your business to appear as a local Google listing for free. Be aware, though, any Google reviews you have will be shown with your listing.

In honor of March fourth, take command of your mobile marketing and get started on these goals!

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