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August-Webinar_MakeYourWebsiteaWinner-HowtoWriteBetterCopy_TileWebinar recap! Make Your Website a Winner: How to Write Better Copy

This month, as part of our monthly educational webinar series for premium members, WeddingWire Education Guru Alan Berg shared his tips for how to create a more successful website by writing better copy and adding key features.

Find below some top highlights from the session.

5 Things to Look for on a Website:

  1. Who are you? Does your website clearly and concisely tell the viewer who you are and what your business is about? That should be apparent within the first few seconds of landing on a site.
  2. Where are you? Be sure to provide where you are located, and the areas you are willing to serve. It will save both you and the potential client time if they learn up front you don’t serve their area. Or, make it clear you serve outside your typical location if that is an option.
  3. What do you do? What does your business provide and how are you unique? This will engage the viewer and help ensure that you are the solution they are looking for.
  4. What do you want me to do? Make it clear the action you want your visitor to take. Whether that is read your reviews, look at photos from past events, or contact you, make your next steps clear and a contact form readily available on every page.
  5. Is it aesthetically pleasing? Having a visually appealing and easy to read website really matters! Avoid bright backgrounds with light text as that is hard to read, or too much copy on a page. Viewers are more likely to stay on a website they find aesthetically appealing.

4 Elements to Add to Each Website Page:

  1. Aspirational image: Add at least one great image on each page. It should be appealing and also invoke a sense of connection to your visitor to inspire them to want to hire you for their big event.
  2. Text that talks to them: Use the copy on your website to connect with your clients. Speak their language and sell your business in ways that will connect with what they are looking for. Use text as a tool to help them see you are the most understanding of their needs for their day – and the best Pro for their needs!
  3. Social proof: Add social icons that link to your social media accounts to your website, as well as relevant feeds, testimonials from past clients and more. This social proof shows how you really connect with your clients and make an impact!
  4. Strong Call to Action: Make sure you include a strong call to action (CTA) request on each page. A button or contact form is a clear CTA that has been proven to lead to more inquires and new business, so consider adding these to each page of your site. Add other relevant actions on pages such as ‘follow us’ on social media or ‘read our reviews!’

Watch the full webinar for much more tips including keyword strategies on the pages, optimizing for search engines, implementing a Style Guide and more!

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