» Is Video Content Important?

Is Video Content Important?As a member of the WeddingWire Customer Success team, I’m frequently asked whether or not video content is important. Do you really need photos and videos on your Storefront? Does anyone actually watch videos?

The short answer – Yes! In fact, the second largest search engine behind Google is YouTube. Video content is not only an important aspect of your online marketing, but it also plays an important role in search engine optimization (SEO) and can impact your search rankings.

Below are a few ways to integrate videos into your WeddingWire Storefront and other online marketing platforms:

1. Build a commercial with the Video Builder

Did you know that you have access to a tool that creates professional videos in your premium WeddingWire account? The Video Builder allows premium Pros to build video slideshows out of photos uploaded to your Storefront.

Pro Tip: Use the Video Builder tool to create a teaser video for your clients. Because you own the rights to any videos you make with this tool, you can email your videos to your clients or share on social media!

2. Embed professional videos from YouTube or Vimeo

If you already have videos on YouTube or Vimeo, consider embedding them on your WeddingWire Storefront. Potential clients will be able to view your videos right from your Storefront, and learn more about your business and the services you provide.

Pro Tip: You don’t need to embed all of your videos from your YouTube or Vimeo account. Instead, select one to three videos that best show off your business’ products or services to feature on your Storefront. Keep in mind you can swap these out for newer videos at any time!

3. Prevent “auto play” on your videos

Make sure your videos are not set to play automatically, as many couples do the majority of their planning during the day, often while they’re at work! If your video plays automatically it could drive visitors away from your Storefront.

Pro Tip: If you want to be sure your visitors see your video content, consider putting a call to action in your About Us section to check out your videos for examples of your work. Doing so will remind visitors to take a look!

Video content is a great way to appeal to different types of couples – while some users may prefer to click through an album of photos, others may prefer to watch a quick video that features a range of your work. Either way, put your best foot forward and be sure to attract all different types of couples by adding both photos and video content to your Storefront!